Publications 2020

Publications auxquelles l’Aretasc a participé en 2020 :

Bevacizumab and platinum-based combinations for recurrent ovarian cancer : a randomised, open-label, phase 3 trial

Jacobus Pfisterer, Catherine M Shannon, Klaus Baumann, Joern Rau, Philipp Harter, Florence Joly
for the AGO-OVAR 2.21/ENGOT-ov 18 Investigators
16 April 2020 : Lancet Oncology

Overestimation of Late Distant Recurrences in high-risk patients with ER-Positive Breast Cancer

Validity and Accuracy of the CTS5 Risk Score in the TEAM and IDEAL Trials. J Clin Oncol 38. © 24 July 2020 by American Society of Clinical Oncology

GCO CACOVID : The GCO-002 CACOVID-19 cohort

A French nationwide multicenter study of COVID-19 infected cancer patients and consequences on cancer management Esmo 16-19 September 2020

Risk factors for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) severity and mortality among solid cancer patients and impact of the disease on anticancer treatment

A French nationwide cohort study (GCO-002 CACOVID-19) in the European Journal of Cancer (December 2020).

Rx Ponder Cllinical Trial Design

Swog S1007 : adjuvant trial randomized ER+ patients who had a Recurrence Score < 25 and 1-3 positive nodes to endocrine therapy (ET) versus ET + chemotherapy.
Virtual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium December 10, 2020